55 Things #41-Inside My Window

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Since my last post showed a look outside my kitchen window, I thought I would show you what is inside that window – on the window sill.

Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. I Corinthians 16:13

It’s likely these encouraging words need no explanation. Recently I have been thinking that I should have this verse tattooed on the back of my hand – universal instructions, so to speak. ( I won’t because tattoos are not my thing.) Maybe I just need to wash more dishes. 🙂

For longtime readers the flashlight is likely understood as well, but if you are new here or are wondering why in the world I would leave a flashlight on my windowsill or you have never read my flashlight sermon post, please click here. I do think it is worth your time to read.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day. 🙂

14 thoughts on “55 Things #41-Inside My Window

  1. I remember your post and looked back to confirm I had read it … and had. I too have a small flashlight nearby just for that reason and now have one in my room next to the bed. This is because we had a power outage overnight a few years ago – no storm, just the power outage. I do not keep my alarm clocks in my room as it is too easy to shut them off. (Not that I don’t walk down the hall, turn them off and sometimes hop back into bed as I do that.) But I have one alarm that goes off 10 minutes before the other … it shuts itself off, then the other one goes off … so I have to go answer it. Except there was no power and in a very small house, you would not believe how dark it was and I ended up going past the kitchen and into the living room looking for the kitchen table and the alarm. I have absolutely no light coming into the house … I have metal rolling shutters and they are permanently stuck in a down position. When the power goes out – I cannot see a thing!

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    1. It just makes life so much easier. A few weeks ago our power went out about 5:00 a.m. as we were getting up. We grabbed flashlights and while my husband took the dogs out I lit an oil lamp and got the coffee going. We use a percolator and have a gas stove so we didn’t need electricity to have coffee. 🙂 My husband then started a fire in the fireplace to take the chill off. We also had a battery operated radio so we could catch some news. Thankfully it was only out for about 5 hours so we really had no major issues.

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      1. It sure does. I got a weather radio this Summer with battery backup. But I have a transistor radio as well. My other one which I had for 25 years had an issue when I loaded batteries once and the spring went wacky and it was broken. I just got a new one last year. A gas stove is good – no worries about heating up food or making coffee. Five hours wasn’t too bad, but on a cold day, you sure feel it. We are having a crummy day Sunday, so you too. They say 30 degrees, 30 mph winds and light snow (but it won’t stick). Ugh.

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  2. That is an inspirational saying. I have a couple of meaningful quotes in my kitchen too. My flashlight is in the cupboard next to the sink so I know where it is if it is needed. I think our kitchens are the heart of our homes.

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    1. “I think our kitchens are the heart of our homes.” This was certainly the case at your home in Michigan. We have so many memories of family gatherings there. Kara treasures having your old table and chairs because of all the memories it holds. If it could talk the stories it would tell…
      My kitchen is much the same when family gathers there will be much time spent there. 🙂 💖


    1. Using the phone for a short time in a pinch works but be careful not to use up all of it’s battery when the power is out unless you have an alternative way to charge it, like a car charger. I like to save my phone battery for phone calls I might need to make.


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