Christmas Tree Round 2 and Other Strange Happenings

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On Saturday we discovered that our Christmas tree that had only been up for two weeks was dying. STRANGE. It was losing needles quickly and if we brushed or bumped a branch the needles rained down completely coving the tree skirt. At that rate it would soon be naked. I have never seen a Christmas tree die so quickly. In fact, the tree we had last year still had needles on it this spring, even though it was taken out of the house shortly after Christmas and left at the farm to die.

On Sunday we undecorated our Christmas tree and my husband went to the farm to cut a replacement tree. We brought the new tree in and set it in the stand but decided it was best to let the snow melt off the branches before we decorated it. On Monday afternoon I put the lights, ornaments and candy canes on the new tree.

My husband added the angel when he got home. This tree, that seems perfect in every other way, is missing a tall center branch on top that typically holds the angel, so our angel is in the center on top of the tree but nestled in amongst the outward reaching top branches. A unique Christmas tree indeed.

The dying Christmas tree is not the strangest thing that has happened though. That would have to be the forsythia bushes that blossomed at the farm about three weeks ago. There were two of them in full bloom. (I didn’t get a picture.) That is not supposed to happen this time of year. Our forsythias always blossom in May. STRANGE.

We also had bulbs, likely daffodils, sprouting in the prayer garden last week. That too should not happen until spring. STRANGE.

The other thing that is different this year than in past years is the chickens. Normally they stop laying when they molt in the fall or at least begin producing less eggs sometime in November. We get fewer and fewer eggs through December until we hit a low. After that it’s usually sometime in February, or around the time the sap begins flowing, that the hens begin laying more eggs again.

This year the flock began to molt in October and by November there were feathers everywhere and I was getting only one egg every other day. I expected this to last until February but about two weeks ago we began getting more eggs on some days and it has gradually increased until we were getting three eggs each day this week and then today, we got five eggs. STRANGE. (I wonder if the sap is flowing)

Even though I find this to be weird I’m not complaining – in fact I’m thrilled, especially since during our dearth my husband was buying eggs from a neighboring farm for $4.00 a dozen.

I don’t think it’s strange that I finished making Christmas gifts for my kids and grandkids last weekend though usually I’m not done quite so early. Since I had some time to spare, I decided to make myself a Christmas present. No, I didn’t wrap it and put it under the tree.

I put it on yesterday evening and my husband is now calling me Candy Cane. It’s made with flannel and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out and how it looks on me.

I finished up wrapping gifts today and tomorrow, Christmas Eve, I will spend cleaning and getting an early start on cooking for our family brunch on Christmas day. I am so looking forward to having the kids and grandkids here for the day.

Thank you for visiting and from our home to home and from our hearts to your heart we wish you a


29 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Round 2 and Other Strange Happenings

  1. The weather here has been so warm that things have been blooming too–and then of course we got a dump of snow! Hope your second tree held up and that you had a Merry Christmas!!


  2. Mother Nature’s messing with everything, including the Christmas tree. Well, you got everything done on time, despite the pain, so pat yourself on the back (lightly, so it doesn’t cause more problems). Merry Christmas Ruth!

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      1. That’s good Ruth – now don’t be shoveling any snow in the off chance we’ll get some this week. πŸ™‚ Only kidding; I know your hubby will do it for you. At least the rain has stopped on this soggy Christmas Day.


  3. It is a strange winter thus far. Somedays it feels like spring is right around the corner. I love your dress and what colors for the holiday!! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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  4. Although your crochet is always beautiful, I have really enjoyed your sewing projects this year. I hope you back continues to improve. Mother Nature is truly keeping us guessing this year. I have daffodils coming up as well and I was still picking a few strawberries well into November. Give everyone big squeezee hugs from us and wish them all the best the holidays can bring. Love you all so very much πŸ’ž


    1. Thanks K.C. I have really learned a lot about sewing (thanks to you) and am really beginning to enjoy it. This week I have had a lot less pain and I think I may have discovered a combination that is helping to heal it. I hope you have a wonderful time with the kids and grandkids. You will be missed here but hopefully we will see you soon. Love to all. πŸ’–πŸ’–


  5. I enjoyed all the strange things that you wrote about.

    I’ve finished all the do-ahead things for dinner on Christmas Day, so I’m free to enjoy our official start of Christmas at 10 am tomorrow. John and I always listen to the radio broadcast from Kings College, Cambridge. We love the service of lessons and carols from England. We’re going to our church for the 7 pm service and will skip the 11 pm one.

    Merry Christmas!

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    1. It’s a good feeling to be prepared ahead of time so you can relax and enjoy the celebration. That sounds like a wonderful tradition. Is Kings College a place you visited when you lived in England?
      I can understand skipping the 11:00 pm service. We don’t do many late nights anymore.


      1. We went to an evensong service at Kings College, sitting right in the choir area with the boy choir. It was an experience of a lifetime. The Christmas Eve service is so popular that there is a lottery to get tickets for it.

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    1. Thank you Carol Anne. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy those eggs. There is such a difference in color, flavor and texture between store bought eggs and our free range eggs. I don’t think I ever had a good egg until we started raising chickens.
      I hope that your Christmas is a day filled with joy and love.


  6. Merry Christmas to you, as well, from Cobourg, Ontario. Thanks for allowing me to be a fly on the wall of your life. Your posts are most enjoyable. Take care. All the best to you and your family in 2022. β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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    1. Thank you Tom, and thanks for being a regular reader. Hopefully when the busyness of this season is over I’ll have time to catch up on you top 500 songs posts. I hope you and your family have a great 2022 as well.

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