July 2022 Garden Update

I’m happy to report that despite our lack of rain our gardens are doing quite well.

We’ve been harvesting blueberries for several weeks now and what we are not eating fresh I have been putting in the freezer. We’ve also picked about a quart and a half of strawberries despite them just being planted at the end of May.

My husband harvested the garlic last week – a total of 270 bulbs are now drying in the barn. What an easy task it was compared to the years when we grew between 2000 and 8000 bulbs.

We began picking green beans a couple weeks ago and after a few meals my husband was getting tired of them. (He doesn’t like them as much as I do.) I saved our pickings for a few days and had enough beans to can 6 pints. Since green beans are a low acid food canning them requires using a pressure canner and since I have little experience in doing this, I am extremely pleased with the results.

I expect I will be canning another batch of beans this week.


Two days ago, when I offered to make a potato salad for dinner, I thought it odd when my husband hesitated. He then suggested that maybe some of our potatoes were ready in the garden.

He brought me home some beautiful red skin potatoes which I transformed into our favorite potato salad. Oh, so good!

We have also been picking some peppers – banana peppers, jalapeno, cayenne and a bell pepper. In addition to adding peppers to our morning omelet I made a batch of the poppers we enjoy so much. The popper recipe can be found in this post from September 2020.

Thanks for visiting.

Are you enjoying any fresh summer produce?

23 thoughts on “July 2022 Garden Update

  1. First off… I enjoyed seeing all your produce! What a beautiful bounty. And I love seeing the pups. How fun they are.
    And your kitchen curtains are cheerful and summery! Well done!
    Thanks so much for the visit over to my blog. How nice of you!
    Happy August!

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  2. Ruth – you sure are handy in the kitchen and I’m surprised you have so much produce already after we had such a cold Spring. I guess it is the warmth of all those sunny days. We’re supposed to have a lot of rain tomorrow, so that’ll help your garden. The multiple deluges of rain they promised on Sunday only happened once for us … but I’m glad we didn’t get the storms either. We are expecting a stormy afternoon tomorrow. I have been following you long enough that I remember that first batch of garlic and then drying it all in the barn.

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    1. The potatoes went in early because they can tolerate cold weather and beans went in raised beds around the middle of May. Other things like cucumbers and squash we planted late so they will be later than normal. We got a little rain Sunday night but not nearly enough. Tomorrow our forecast is 50% chance of .12 inch of rain but also a chance of some severe weather. As of last Thursday the drought map had us as abnormally dry I suspect that when it is updated this week it will be moderate drought. It’s still better than all that rain we had last year.

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      1. Yes, you don’t want that rain from last year which sogged up your ground and crops … we have no happy medium weather-wise these days it seems. I hope we don’t get hammered with severe weather tomorrow but now they say a one-day reprieve and sickening hot (low 90s) this weekend and stormy as well.

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  3. My mouth is salivating. I’m happy for you that you are able to enjoy it all and are not too exhausted by the garlic project. Canning green beans? Interesting. I, too, LOVE green beans!


    1. Thanks! In the past I would freeze excess green beans, but I need the freezer space for other things so canning green beans was the best option. I’m sure I will be canning other vegetables as they come in this year as well. Fresh green beans are the best!!!

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  4. Everything looks so yummy. Sadly I have not been enjoying a lot of fresh veggies this year. My husband and I were talking about that just the other day. We don’t have a garden this year but we do live only about ten minutes from a little Mennonite farm and they sell wonderful veggies all summer. I need to make a trip to see them.

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  5. Thats a pretty bountiful harvest for as dry as you have been. All the hard work of watering is paying off well. Nothing like eating fresh picked foods. And having enough to be able to preserve some is added blessing.

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    1. Yes, the potatoes were in early. Beans were a bit early since they went in the raised beds. Peppers were pre-starts that we got in the ground once the soil was ready. Our tomatoes are starting to turn – it won’t be long now. 🙂

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