When The Rains Came

Much needed rain was in the forecast for Sunday night and throughout the day on Monday. We were becoming discouraged as we watched the radar and saw storms to the west fall apart as they crossed lake Michigan. Throughout these days the National Weather Service forecast also changed with chances of rain diminishing from a 70% chance of rain to only a 20% chance that we would get any.

We were so happy Monday evening when the rain started to fall. We had just come from the gardens where I had taken many pictures, that I used in my previous post, and we picked Swiss chard, beets and cucumbers.

As the rain poured down we sat on the barn porch and offered prayers of thanks.

It rained for about 30 minutes or so.

And by the time it was done we had puddles on the driveway.

When the rain was coming to an end we looked to the east for a rainbow – the symbol of hope. The white spots are caused by rain drops. I know the one looks like the moon, but it is not.

It was a complete rainbow – I just couldn’t fit the entire thing in one photo.

The sun was low in the sky as the clouds moved out.

We are so thankful for this life- sustaining rain.

Note: In the early morning hours of Wednesday we had more rain arrive. It started sometime before 3:30 A.M., when my husband got up to let Ranger out, and ended around 6:30 A.M. Our garden should not need to be watered for a while now. 🙂

How has you weather been this summer?

32 thoughts on “When The Rains Came

    1. We are on the east side of Michigan. About 15 miles South West of Port Huron. By the times the storms cross the state they often fall apart. I’m sure people who live along the water (Saint Clair River) are also dreading the rains as the waters levels are so high but we inland farmers sure appreciate it.


  1. We have had almost daily rain here. The downpours have the biggest raindrops you have ever seen. The thunder rolls through the mountains and echoes. The radio warns people not to drive through flooded roadways. The streams and waterfalls are very impressive. Our ground is mostly red dirt and it is very slippery when it is saturated like this. We need a couple dry days so we can get the slope mowed in front of the house.

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    1. We have seen some very big raindrops here too with these recent rains. We’ve always told the kids not to drive though flooded waters too. Very dangerous! Things have really balanced out here. The cracks in the ground have pretty much closed up. I hope you get some dry days. Be careful on that mud!


  2. Hallelujah for that and hopefully you got some of the surge of rain today as well Ruth … then you won’t have to water for two months. I understand we had almost two inches from yesterday afternoon through late morning – it sounded like the end of the world out there. What a gorgeous rainbow you captured!

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    1. We sure did get some good rain today. Yesterday we only had light rain so I don’t think we got near two inches but I see we still have rain in the forecast through Tuesday. It sure would be nice to be done watering for the season. 🙂

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      1. We have rain through Tuesday too Ruth. I have the HVAC guy coming for a checkup, so hoping it doesn’t storm or they will have to cancel. Flame Furnace was really behind due to COVID – I’ve never had an A/C checkup this late in the Summer before (and such a hot Summer to boot). I think you’ll be set after that pounding rain. I bought a weather radio last month and it went off three times this morning to alert for the flood watch, the first time at 4:00 a.m. (I set it loud with a sound, then robo voice), then it went off two more times after that. Yesterday it went off early in the morning, though the flood watch was not for many hours later. Do you think we’ve turned a corner on the oppressive heat?

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      2. It sounds like that weather radio is annoying. It does seen like our heat wave might be over. I do hope it does not cool off to quickly though. It is still summer after all.

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      3. Well the M-Live weatherman said we were having hot weather to October, then a few days later, he said “well, Summer is fading fast” … weird. I’m not ready for Fall either, even though it seems like this oppressive heat has been around a long time.

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      4. Oh, the radio – well, I got the one Click on Detroit recommended as most reliable (Midland WR-120) so I got this one. It’s okay they wanted people to know about the flood watch, but I did know, as I listen to WWJ AM 950 as I don’t have TV, so get my news there and on social media. I was surprised it alerted me 3X in a short amount of time. 🙂

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  3. It has been so hot and humid with very little rain here. I’m so glad we finally got some rain last night and this morning. We need it! Hopefully we’ll get a little from the hurricane that’s coming up the coast, too.

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  4. It’s been raining here pretty much every day for the past couple of weeks. Kind of tired of it, so I will gladly send it your way.
    What’s the name of the flowers in the second photo?
    Also, the raindrops on the rainbow photo look great. An extra sparkle.

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    1. It seems like it is all or nothing in the rain department. Some getting it every day some not getting any.
      The flower is a Gladiola. They are often used as cut flowers and you see them a lot in funeral arrangements.

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    1. I’m afraid you give me too much credit. If it would listen to me we would have had it long before we did. LOL! However when I listened to the news tonight they predicted rain for Saturday night and Sunday and more chances Monday and Tuesday. They also said that Eastern Ontario would be getting it too. I hope that include you.

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  5. Lovely rain and rainbow! I’m so glad you got rain that you needed. We’ve been having thundershowers almost daily. I love the sound and smell of rain, and if it comes with lightning and thunder, so much the better. There was an on-going drought when we moved to NC, so we appreciate constant watering from above now.

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