Early Summer Garden Tour

Well summer arrived this week – incognito it seems. It came disguised as spring of all things. It showed up as the rain storms that were absent throughout April and May. They dumped over two inches of rain on us in about 12 hours Sunday and Monday. It also brought cooler temperatures that dipped down into the 40’s in the overnight hours.

The rains returned today and it seems as though we have gotten at least two more inches. If there is any accuracy in the forecast for the next 10 days our drought problems should be over since there are some chances of rain everyday over the next 10.

For some crops. such as our strawberries and blueberries, it’s too late to make a difference but other crops should be served well by the rain.

Shall we take a look around?

The apple trees have some apples, not a bumper crop, (we had several days of frost while the apple trees were blossoming) but hopefully enough for a pie or two.

The blueberries are beginning to ripen. Again this won’t be a bumper crop. I suspect these were impacted by both frost and drought but we are grateful for what we get.

In garden 3, which now has become the puppy playground, these cabbage and onions were some of the first vegetables to be planted. They are doing well.

Also in garden 3 the potatoes (above) were also planted early. They have blossoms.

We also have a row of potatoes in the main garden (above). These were the first to be planted and despite being hit by frost on several days they have flourished.

The above photo was taken as I enter the main garden and look to the north. Sweet corn, pie pumpkins, cantaloupes, tomatoes and three different types of squash are growing in this area.

The photo below is from the same spot looking to the south.

Pumpkins, cucumbers, hot peppers, sweet peppers, eggplant. tomatoes, okra, green beans, beets, swiss chard, and dill are growing on this side of the garden.

We have several varieties of tomatoes. Some have begun to blossom and make fruit.

Jalapeno peppers are starting to bear fruit

as are the bell peppers.

It will be a while before we are picking green beans (above) but just the thought of them makes my mouth water.

We also have sunflowers planted in several areas along the fence, some of which came up as volunteers.

Thanks for joining me for a garden tour. Are you enjoying any home grown produce or looking forward to doing so?

26 thoughts on “Early Summer Garden Tour

  1. Such a beautiful garden! And when you mentioned your green beans, you made me think of my grandmother’s garden and the green beans she used to cool from it years ago! I can still taste them now! And her homemade cream style corn! Nom-nom-nom! πŸ˜‹ Thank you for the tour!

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  2. There is no happy medium with our Michigan weather is there Ruth? The old saying used to be “if you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait a few minutes” – the erratic weather swings leave me wondering if this is how we’ll spend the rest of our days with the seasons so blurred. You have now had enough rain to fill the pond and make you and your burgeoning produce happy. You are working very hard judging from your extensive gardens. No frost advisories for a while I hope. πŸ™‚


    1. That’s for sure. We have now had too much rain in a short period of time and have lost about 25% of our tomatoes and peppers and all of the green beans to wet wilt. We had more rain this morning and I can only hope and pray that we do not lose more.


      1. I’m sorry to hear that Ruth – I wondered about the crops and gardens and how they would fare with the soggy grounds after seeing many of the photos. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you don’t sustain any more damage. My weather radio alarm went off tonight about 6:00 p.m., but it was to say there was flash flooding in Warren and it was not widespread though.

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      2. A lot of the farmers in our area have put in drain tile in recent year so that should help with the soy bean and corn crops. Boy the roads in the city have had big problems with flooding with all this rain. Not Good!


      3. Hope that helps them out Ruth. Such a mess in Dearborn and they were supposed to have their power restored by tonight – hope that happens. It would be horrible in this heat wave. On the news this morning, they said the drivers who had to abandon their vehicles would be paying $600.00 to $700.00 to get them out of the impounded area where they were towed. And then, they might not be fit to drive.

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    1. Thanks Faye. Sadly in the past week we have had too much rain. Maybe 7+ inches. Our garden is now experiencing wet wilt. We have lost about 25 % of tomatoes and peppers and all of our green beans. I have read that they won’t recover. I’d like to replant beans but we have more rain on the way.

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    1. Ah I hope your lavender doesn’t get too much rain. It can be pretty finicky. There is probably still time to plant green beans if you wanted some varieties only take around 55 days to produce.

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  3. From one extreme to the next. First dry , now wet. I’m glad you are getting some rain. The garden looks great. Soon you will be busy harvesting and preserving. Enjoy!

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  4. Wow what a large garden you have Ruth – very impressive. I’m surprised you have apples already as I think of them as a fall product. I’ve had several feeds from my four kinds of lettuce and shared with the neighbours, and yesterday I bought a flat of strawberries from the fruit stand and made two batches of freezer strawberry jam – 16 jars, but think I might have to go back and buy more as now we have none to eat with the shortcake I made, and I would like to make another batch of jam as we ran out last winter. We’ve had the same problem with drought and now a whole week of rain is forecast and today it poured all day. From one extreme to the other!

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    1. The apples are still small they won’t be ready to pick until September or October. Sorry if that was misleading. I hope you can get more strawberries – ours are done. One extreme to the other for sure! SMH!

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      1. They looked big enough in the picture but I admit I don’t know how far along they would be this time of year as I don’t have any apple trees around me!

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  5. Oh, Ruth, thank you for allowing us to meet your beautiful plants! What a gorgeous garden you have! I made a yummy Kale Salad from our kale! Our cucumbers, & tomatoes are very happy! Happy gardening to you! 😊

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

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  6. I loved your garden tour. My dad used to grow lots of vegetables, so I grew up with wonderfully fresh produce. I did not inherit his gift. I now enjoy buying fruits and veggies from a small, local stand.


      1. They do appreciate it. We didn’t know who the owner was until he spoke to us in the parking lot. He knew us, and we didn’t know him! Evidently, he sees us when we walk to the creek, probably while he was driving his car.

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