So Much To Say – So Little Time

In case you are wondering – tilling, feeding, watering, weeding, mowing, growing, picking, preserving, and even time for a little fun- that’s what we’ve been up too.

We are truly blessed – let me show you.


The blueberries are coming on strong. We have picked and frozen about 5 quarts so far.


I picked elder flowers to make tincture, but I haven’t got to the stinging nettle yet.



The hot summer temperatures have done wonders for the garden. Weeding has been minimal but we have needed to water every few days.



The prayer garden is in full bloom. It has also requiring watering and much weeding.

IMG_5307 (2)

The kids and grandkids came for a picnic. Berry picking (eating) was a hit with Addy. She loved strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.


Jackson had been eating a chocolate cookie. The evidence is still on his face. Aunt Kara is amused by her little buddy.



Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here! It happens so infrequently now days, that all four of my daughters are together, I always like to get a photo of them. ♥



We are not the only busy ones. Check out this hive.



I have spotted bees in the tickseed,



on this marigold,


and on the sweet clover. They are also foraging in the birds foot trefoil, the white clover,  Canadian thistle, oregano, lavender, and thyme.

We hope to harvest some honey soon. ☺


Bonus Photo: Since this dragon fly posed so nicely for me how could I not include it?

If I seem to be MIA over the next week or two check for me in the garlic field. It’s time to start the harvest. Until next time – be well.



20 thoughts on “So Much To Say – So Little Time

  1. Oh my gosh, I love, love, love your place. I have a lot of catching up to do with reading everyone’s post before I take my little break for awhile. Your kids are beautiful, I love seeing happy families spending time together. Adorable babies too. Okay, I am off, you and your family have a great summer making yummy pies.

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    1. Thanks Carol Anne. We are blessed to have our farm. I try to include lots of pictures so readers can have a virtual visit. I know you are visually impaired. Are you able to see at all?


  2. So much to say, so little time, such beautiful photos… This may not be your bag at all, and I imagine you might prefer to spend your time in your beautiful natural surroundings, but just in case, I’ve nominated you for the Vogue parody – 73 questions (link in my latest blog post). Feel free to accept the challenge or completely ignore it! All the best, Eilidh


  3. We don’t have to wonder if you sleep well at night Ruth. How nice to have all four daughters home at one time – it was a nice break from toiling in the fields. Your prayer garden is very beautiful.

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    1. Thank you Linda. The girls are very close, like me and my sisters are, so it is a lot of fun having them all together Part of the beauty of this life style is that if I don’t sleep well for some reason I can catch a nap during the day. I just prioritize what really needs to be done most and some things might have to wait.

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      1. Yes, and you’ll work so many hours a day now, but will catch somewhat of a break in the Winter, but then you have your inside ventures as well. You are just a busy gal. I never had sisters and was always envious of people who had siblings since I had none.

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    1. Thanks Caz. When the girls were growing up we spent so much time together – I didn’t realize how I would miss it once they were out on their own. They are all very close and it is lots of fun having them all together.


  4. What do you use the elder flower tincture for? and what to you tincture it in? I have been drying stinging nettle for a friend and for me. I love to put in my morning tea as it really helps with my seasonal stuffiness.

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    1. We mainly use it to boost the immune system, especially during cold and flu season. If I feel like I am coming down with something or have been around someone who is sick I take a dropper full usually mixed with raw honey, and continue until the symptoms subside. Here is a link of the health benefits . I used to try to harvest the berries but the birds would eat them before they ripen. Then I learned that the flowers are just as good, if not better, than the berries so now I can out smart the birds by picking the flowers.
      Many years ago I would take Claritin for allergy relief but then I learned that stinging nettle was an anti-histamine and started using it. It is every bit as good if not better. I notice it will even reduce the itching and swelling from bug bites.
      Thanks for asking. ☺

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